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There are numerous events that take place to help out the Food Pantry.

Birchwood Area Food Pantry Bake Sales (2022 Bake Sale Flyer)


For the past 3 years our pantry bake sales have been an integral fundraiser for us. They run from May thru September on the second Saturday of each month from 8AM – Noon. Bakers are asked to bring their items to thepantry on the Friday before the sale from 4 – 6PM or the morning the sale is held from 7AM – 8AM and we’ll price them for you. All of the proceeds go toward our operational expenses and for the purchase of food. We could always use more bakers as we start this next important season! It’d be great if you can commit to providing us for 2 – 3 sales. If interested call Charlotte Snarski – 715 – 354 – 7077. Anything you can do to help would be most appreciated in helping us meet the needs for another successful season.  Almost every time we have sold out our baked goods!




Our kids are back to school, and that means that our back pack teams are back in action.  We’re at Birchwood School every Friday packing up food for the weekend for any Birchwood Student who has signed up to take advantage of the program.

The weekend food supply program is open to any Birchwood School Child who wishes to receive food for every weekend during the school year.  If your student is not enrolled, and you would like he or she to participate, simply request the permission form from Jo Henk at the school office, sign and return it to her and a supply of weekend food will be waiting the following Friday when school is dismissed.  It’s that simple!  Any student can enroll.  The more participation the better.  Don’t be shy; there is plenty of food to go around.


And while we’re on the subject of food.  Please allow us to give a very BIG

Thank You to everyone who supplied the pantry with fresh produce.  You have no idea how much your kind gestures are appreciated.  It was so good to be able to offer fresh, home grown fruit and vegetables to our clients.  They really appreciate having a selection of fresh items that they could otherwise not afford.  Thank you, again, and keep it comin!  We’ll take any surplus you may have and be thankful for it.

Another BIG THANK YOU to all our bakers.  You do a terrific job!  Every month is a sell out, which speaks volumes to the quality of the baked goods donated.  Also, a special thanks to Bob and Mary Grosenick who organize the monthly sales. What a team; couldn’t have done it without them.  We are truly blessed to have volunteers like you who always step forward to help.

Remember, the Pantry received no local, state or federal funding; we rely solely on donations from our community. Couldn’t have a Pantry without you.  Likewise, the pantry is run solely by volunteers, people from our community, just like you.  If you would like to volunteer, give us a call at 612-247-4591; we’ll answer your questions and get you started.

Donations are always welcomed and appreciated and should be sent to THE BIRCHWOOD AREA FOOD PANTRY, P. O. BOX 201, BIRCHWOOD, WI 54817    

 The Bake Sale Days is back at the food pantry starting the first Saturday of each month, May thru September.  July Bake Sale has changed this year to July 1st at the Food Pantry.  Also, The Christmas Bake Sale will be Dec.2, 2023  Sharing Table Days will start back up on the second Thursday of each month Feb. thru Oct.   All other events for Fundraiser Days are to be discussed by the board of directors until further notice.
If you have any questions about Special Events, please call at 612-247-4591.
Distribution days has changed to be open on the first and third Mondays of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Bake Sales at the Food Pantry

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