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Born out of a sincere concern for families in their own community who were in need of food, The Birchwood Area Food Pantry was established in the 1970’s by Bess Knapmiller and Fred Vreeland.  With help from The Birchwood Lions Club they gathered and distributed food, first on holidays and then when enough food was donated to provide baskets for the needy within the community.  Originally housed in the basement of the Birchwood United Methodist Church, the pantry eventually out grew its home.  The Birchwood Senior Center had space in the basement of their building and offered a corner to the pantry for their storage and distribution of food.  The offer was kindly accepted, and the pantry moved to its new home in the mid 1990’s where it remained until 2012.  During this time in 2010 the pantry incorporated and became The Birchwood Area Food Pantry, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit charitable corporation.  After the incorporation took place and 2012 fast approached, once again the pantry again outgrew its quarters but this time began the search for a permanent home of their own.  In late October of 2012 the pantry moved to their new home at 113-115 S. Main Street in Birchwood and began food distribution from there in November 2012.


The main support to the Food Pantry is provided by area churches, Birchwood United Methodist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Johns Catholic Church, Long Lake Lutheran Church and Grace Lutheran Church in Brill.  Together with many generous individuals, clubs and organizations within the community they provide the backbone of our support.


The Birchwood Area Food Pantry, Inc., as it has always been, is run completely by volunteers.  No one, directors and officers included, receives compensation for their time and effort.



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